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CDEEP by Health Caravan is a four-month online self-paced diabetes education program with 60 hours (15 days) of internship. The pre-tested course is an outcome of a comprehensive process; utilizing contributions from leading global experts and strengthened by an intense review process from renowned specialists. The curriculum is designed to deliver the high- quality knowledge and skills through updated, evidence- based content on diabetes prevention, care, and management.

The program aims to increase patient access to an increasing number of qualified diabetes educators and decrease the effort of counselling from the shoulders of diabetologists/ physicians and endocrinologists who can then focus on giving the right treatment for quality healthcare service delivery.

Trained graduates will apply knowledge gained from the course into promotion of diabetes prevention, self-care and management education to enable their patients to improve important diabetes health outcomes such as blood glucose levels, cholesterol, weight and greater energy levels, productivity and most important, mindset! The program will capacitate the learners to promote and practice patient centered care.

Thought Leaders of CDEEP

Dr. Sanjay Kalra

Senior Endocrinologist – Immediate Past President, Endocrine Society of India, Vice President, South Asian Federation of Endocrine Societies, Education Editor, International Society of Endocrinology (ISE), Deputy Chair, Advocacy and Partnership working group, ISE

Mr. Paul Madden, M.Ed.

Principal, Madden Diabetes & Wellness LLC, Boston, Massachusetts, United States- Senior-level, performance-driven offering 30+ years of demonstrated leadership and professional advancement for organizations/companies aligned with the goal of enhancing the lives of people challenged by diabetes, wellness, and related conditions. Supporting the team’s mission by improving business and health outcomes and securing and nurturing effective partnerships all contributing to the organization’s financial stability and growth.

CDEEP education benefits

  1. Simple
  2. Online
  3. Conditional learning
  4. Self-paced learning with assessment at each modular level followed by final evaluation
  5. Accessed from anywhere
  6. Short duration (four months)- learners can finish the course in less time also depending on the hours they spend on the course
  7. Internship under an endocrinologist/ diabetologist (min. 60 hours basis satisfactory completion)
  8. Additional interactive sessions with key national and international experts including doctors, public health professionals, innovators, nutritionists, diabetes educators, counsellors, people with diabetes etc for gaining experiential and technical knowledge on diabetes
  9. 3- Arms: For Allied Health Professionals (CDEEP with Internship), Medical Doctors (CDEEP without Internship) and Others (DEEP for Family members of people with diabetes or people with diabetes, others interested in diabetes prevention, care and lifestyle management who will be offered certificate of participation)

The curriculum is based on the principles of International Curriculum for Diabetes Health Professional Education by IDF, and ADA. Modules have been divided into five parts.