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E learning is complemented with internship for practical hands on and case- based learning for two weeks duration either under an endocrinologist or at a diabetes centre of excellence. The Pre-recorded curriculum for internship is as follows:

Total Duration 15 days = Min. 60 hours

Note: Minimum 4 consecutive hours/day to be spent under the Endocrinologist /Diabetologists and for any other arrangement, a request needs to be placed formally to the internship centre and CDEEP.


Step 1

Introduction and Orientation to the diabetes centre/clinic, staff members, rules, strategies to work, OPD and IPD system, vision, and values of the centre.

Step 2

Orientation and demonstration

  • Motivational interviewing
  • Biothesiometres, tuning forks, etc. tools available for foot assessment
  • Sites to inject Insulin and Insulin administration technique
  • Blood glucose monitors – use, technique, kinds, price, urine ketones, plasma ketones
  • Insulin Pens – technique to inject insulin, calibration rules, types available in the market and their price
  • Insulin syringe – mixing of insulin, technique to inject insulin, calibration rules, types available in the market and price
  • Insulin Pump and CGMS – usage, types available in the market and price
  • Blood Pressure monitors – usage, types available in the market and price

Step 3

Observation and Practice counselling session under Endocrinologist/ Diabetologists supervision with :

(Rapport building, counselling, follow up session)
  • Type 1 person
  • Type 2 Adolescent
  • Young child with diabetes
  • Type 2 Adult
  • Newly diagnosed case
  • GDM
  • Elderly person > 65years
  • Counselling on Foot care
  • Counselling on diabetes complications (patients fears and patient opportunities to improve outcomes and lessen impact of some complications)
  • Counselling on emotional challenges for patients, parents, spouse, loved ones

Step 4

Session with Endocrinologist/ Diabetologists on commonly advised and available OHA, Insulin, Hypertension medicines, Lipid lowering medicines etc. – their generic names, and availability.

Step 5

Exposure to people with appearing with signs and symptoms of Hypoglycaemia, DKA, HONK, sick day planning, etc.

Step 6

Presentation on learnings during the internship/ case presentation.

Step 7

Independent dietary counselling – At least 2 sessions.