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Certified Diabetes Education E-learning Program(CDEEP)


CDEEP by Health Caravan is a four-month online self-paced diabetes education program with 60 hours (15 days) of internship.

The pre-tested course is an outcome of a comprehensive process; utilizing contributions from leading global experts and strengthened by an intense review process from renowned specialists.

The curriculum is designed to deliver the high- quality knowledge and skills through updated, evidence- based content on diabetes prevention, care, and management.

About the organisation

About us

We are a social impact organization that consciously prioritizes our experts and efforts to the local and global development needs of communities, health systems, education systems, rural and urban development systems and beyond. We offer technical advisory services to NGOs, Corporates, and Government for better positioning, improvement in overall portfolio and strengthening their implementation and policy/ advocacy efforts.

We assist people to develop local solutions from within the local communities. This increases the acceptability and ownership of the solutions applied, ensuring sustainability and scale. Our comprehensive and systematic approach considers all the enablers of the ecosystem we aspire to impact, whether Government, community, private players, autonomous bodies and not for profit organizations.

We believe together we can do better than in silos. Working together towards common interests, leveraging everyone’s strengths can manifest social impact that progressive leaders envision for positive outcomes.


Active learning
  • Self paced engaging learning
  • Powered with AV, case studies
  • Assessment with scoring
  • Fixed hands-on curriculum
  • Average 4 hrs per day for 15 days
  • Work presentation
Course completion
  • Pass marks 75% & above
  • Satisfactory Internship Completion
  • CDEEP pass certificate
  • Interactive sessions with experts
  • CMEs, podcasts, update capsules
  • DE-connect forum, Resource sharing
Career prospects
  • Linkages with Pharmaceuticals, doctors, researchers, public health institutes, hospitals etc
  • Independent Practice